What is an “S-Lift”?

The S-Lift (short for “small lift”) is a minimally invasive face lift that gives an overall lift to the lower/mid face and neck area.  The “S” refers to the shape of the incision made in front of the ear.  When compared to the traditional face lift, the S-Lift offers a much quicker operation with fewer complications and a faster recovery time.

How is the S-Lift performed?

An S-shaped excision is made in front of the ear.  Any excess fat deposits from the cheeks, chin and neck area are removed and the skin is then lifted to tighten and reposition the underlying muscles and tissues.  The opening is then closed with fine sutures.

Who is a good candidate for the S-Lift?

A good candidate for the S-Lift generally is man/woman between the ages of 30 & 50 who are in good overall health.  They typically have mild to moderate lower to mid facial and neck laxity and they desire to shorten the aging process by staying a few steps ahead of it.

Benefit to the S-Lift

  • Faster recovery time than with a traditional face lift; typically a week to 10 days
  • Fewer complications because of minimal facial dissection and limited skin excision
  • Unnoticeable scar; incision made in front of the ear only
  • Minimal bruising and swelling, if any at all
  • No hair loss
  • Gives a more natural, refreshed look without looking like you’ve had surgery